Gary Hume Bio
Gary Hume Bio

Gary Hume

Back of a Snowman

A graduate from the renowned Goldsmith’s College of Art, Gary Hume is a British painter and sculptor who was part of Damian Hirst’s famed Freeze exhibition of the late 1980s, which featured a group that became globally recognized as the (YBA) Young British Artists.

The 10-foot-tall, half-ton, faceless snowman stands outdoors amid palm trees. Abstract and figural at the same time, the snowman provides a witty commentary on the state of sculpture, modernism, and Pop art. Hume has described the snowman as “the perfect sculpture, viewable from all sides, immaculate from all angles.” Back of a Snowman was exhibited at London’s Royal Academy, the Irish Museum of Art, Austria’s Kunsthaus Bregenz, and New York’s Battery Park City.