Julian Opie Bio
Julian Opie Bio

Julian Opie

Walking Portraits

London-based Julian Opie culls images from popular culture and transforms them into highly stylized digitized images, experimenting with light and animation techniques to create "walking portraits" that are installed in public environments and interact with viewers going about their daily routines. Drawn with bold simple lines, the figures in these animated portraits appear to walk continuously. Inspired by advertising and mass-media images, Opie’s depictions of people and objects appear generic, yet reveal unique idiosyncrasies.
Opie’s artwork has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world and can be found in public collections such as the Tate and National Portrait Galleries in London, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the National Museum of Art in Osaka, Japan, and the Israel Museum, among others.