Carsten Holler Bios
Carsten Holler Bios

Carsten Höller

Aventura Slide Tower

Carsten Höller is known for creating larger-than-life, interactive art installations. Often drawing inspiration from amusement parks, he has used his art to transform social spaces by creating unexpected sensations. Höller, who formerly trained as a scientist, uses her art to concentrate on the nature of human relationships.

The Brussels-born artist has exhibited work in museums including Tate Modern, London; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia; Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Rome, and other landmarks around the world. Höller’s major works include Flying Machine (1996), an interactive ride where viewers are harnessed in and hoisted in the air, and Amusement Park (2006), a carnival midway with rides operating at unexpectedly slow speeds.

Aventura Slide Tower has joined the artist’s thrilling portfolio in his attempt to promote joy—or a feeling of “somewhere between madness and delight,” he says. The 93-foot-tall slide can be gazed upon from below or experienced as a rider, which Höller deems as a “different, but both powerful experiences.”

The Aventura Slide Tower is currently closed for the season and will be reopening this Fall.