Snarkitecture, Twinkling Snowfall




Twinkling Snowfall is a continuous motion LED installation created by Snarkitecture, a Brooklyn-based collaborative founded by Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen. The studio is known for its experience-based conceptual approach and for fashioning everyday materials into large-scale projects that challenge viewer expectations. Tellingly, Snarkitecture’s name is derived from The Hunting of the Snark, a poem by Lewis Carroll describing the “impossible voyage of an improbable crew to find an inconceivable creature.”
In Twinkling Snowfall, more than 4,000 shimmering bulbs gently cascade from the skylight of Aventura Mall’s three-story atrium. With this sweeping recreation of falling snow, the audience is whisked away from tropical South Florida and immersed in a magical winterscape. Once again, Snarkitecture delivers on its foundational artistic mission, namely inviting viewers to experience the unknown, the unlikely, and, even, the seemingly impossible.
The studio’s work has been exhibited throughout the world, including in Paris, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Los Angeles.


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